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Is your Recruiter a Weeder or a SeederI coined this expression a few years ago and frankly, I’m surprised it didn’t catch on. Particularly in Asia, many companies seem content to let their recruiters simply ‘weed out’ candidates that don’t get a check in the boxes. In doing so, they are losing sight of finding someone who can meet the performance objectives without being burdened by the employer’s preconceived success factors.Indeed, these factors are often in reality ‘status-quo’ factors.

The ‘Weeder’ recruiter will disqualify candidates who don’t meet the salary band, required years of experience, job title expectations or all mandated skills.

The ‘Seeder’ will identify the motivators and performance benchmarks of meeting increasing challenges over time, the ability to acquire or hire skills that they don’t currently have and will understand how they overcame obstacles relevant to the hiring company.

If you want to seed your organisation with different skills and make hires capable of developing beyond the role they are being hired into, look to your gatekeepers! It might be worth reminding them that great performers are unlikely to be interested in lateral transfers or in companies that equate future potential with check-box hiring.

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Global Cities of Opportunity 2014

Posted by | September 6, 2014 | living-in-hong-kong, working-in-hong-kong

HK City of Opportunity

HK City of Opportunity

PwCs latest Cities of Opportunity report analyzes 30 cities (all capitals of finance, commerce, and culture) and through their current performance, seeks to understand what makes cities function best.  PwC also investigated both the urbanization and demographic mega-trends that shape global cities.

Hong Kong  with 1,156 points made it into 8th place overall, behind London (1,290 points), New York, Singapore (1,230), Toronto, San Francisco, Paris and Stockholm.

Hong Kong scored well for:

  • Airport-City Access
  • Attracting Foreign Domestic Investment
  • Broadband Quality
  • Cost of public transport
  • Digital Economy
  • Ease of Commute
  • Ease of entry (visa)
  • Ease of starting a business
  • IP Protection
  • International Toursists
  • Shareholder Protection
  • Maths/Science Skills
  • Level of Operational Risk
  • Top 100 Airport
  • Corporate Tax Rate
  • Workforce Management Risk
  • Working Age Population
  • World University Rankings

Hong Kong scored poorly for:

  • Cost of Business Occupancy
  • Natural Disaster Risk (?)
  • Public Park Space

Peter Udall (Guest Editor)

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