Shipping to Hong Kong

One of the best things to keep in mind when shipping to Hong Kong as part of a relocation is to be well prepared. An international move can typically take 7-12 days (by air) or 3-7 weeks (by sea) depending on country of origin.

Preparing for Shipping to Hong Kong

It is best to start at least a few weeks (if not a couple of months) in advance of shipping to Hong Kong with a pre-move survey. The shipping company representative will visit your home and measure the size of your shipment, assess any individual packing requirements and discuss insuring your goods whilst in transit. This can be expensive as it costs a percentage of the replacement value of all your goods ‘as new’.  Remember that your container is going to get moved by road and sea (crossing can be rough and containers spill during strong storms/typhoons), loaded/unloaded at docks etc. so insurance is a necessary safeguard when shipping to Hong Kong.

When shipping to Hong Kong, you will require a 20′ or 40′ shipping container for your household goods. Frankly, you are going to need a fairly large apartment/house, or lots of storage if your apartment is going to accommodate the contents of a full 40′ container.

shipping-to-hong-kongThe dimensions of a 20′ container are as follows:

Interior width: 2352 mm (7 ft 8.6 in)
Interior height: 2395 mm (7 ft 10.3 in)
Interior length: 5898 mm (19 ft 4.2 in)
Cubic volume: 33.2 cbm (1173 cu ft)
Loaded capacity: 29.73 cbm (1050 cubic feet)

For a Hong Kong, customs requirements require a passport copy and letter from you giving the shipping company authorization to clear your shipping to Hong Kong through customs. Another document required by customs is the inventory list that will be prepared by the moving company at origin.

What to ship to Hong Kong?

  • Ladies over size 12, bring clothing. There is restricted choice in Western sizes, applying to formal, informal and sporting attire. Men of XL size and above do a little better, as formal suits and shirts are normally tailored. They should also consider bringing informal and sports clothing.
  • If you are going to be fixing shelving or hanging objects from the walls or ceiling, you will need  an industrial drill and the best concrete drill bits you can buy. Remember though, rented apartments will require you to make good any damage at the end of your occupancy.
  • Western Greeting cards, which are expensive and of limited choice and availability.
  • Bed linen, which is of limited choice in Western styles.

What not to ship to Hong Kong?

  • Dutiable goods such as liquor and tobacco.
  • Prohibited / controlled such as dangerous drugs, psychotropic substances, controlled chemicals, antibiotics, arms, ammunition, fireworks, strategic commodities, rough diamonds, animals, plants, endangered species, telecommunication equipment, game, meat, poultry and powdered baby formula.
  • Outdoor items, unless you know with certainty that you are moving to a house.
  • Old furniture, old or incompatible electrical goods. They will quickly fill your container and are relatively cheap to replace in Hong Kong.
  • Anything more than basic DIY tools. You are unlikely to be doing much DIY and it’s relatively inexpensive to hire a workman with his own tools for specific tasks or buy the day, which is much cheaper.
  • Curtains. They won’t fit your apartment and it’s relatively cheap to have them made in Shenzhen, just over the China border.

Refer to our pages on Electrical Appliances and Shipping Pets for specific information on subjects related to shipping to Hong Kong.

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