Moving to Hong Kong

Most families will need more than some guide books and internet research if they are going to make moving to Hong Kong a success. Professional orientation services will give you the personal assistance of someone who has been through similar personal experiences and can help you quickly and expertly navigate the logistics of setting up a new home.

moving-to-hong-kongIf you are thinking of moving to Hong Kong with work, our pages on applying for Hong Kong jobs and on the Hong Kong Employment Contract will be particularly useful.

Useful advice for Spouses will be found in Hong Kong Expat and for the family in Hong Kong Relocation. See our Hong Kong Pros and Cons.

The CAB publishes a free booklet called ‘Settling into Hong Kong’ which is a great starting point (download).

  • Hong Kong Orientation When moving to Hong Kong, some companies will arrange for the potential transferee and their family to visit Hong Kong to evaluate the city. Our Orientation specialist can make an office or hotel pick-up/drop-off and take you to meet real estate agents, visit schools and escort you around the popular residential districts. Once relocated to Hong Kong, we can help you set up bank accounts, arrange Hong Kong ID, transfer driving licenses and generally assist in quickly establishing  your family after moving to Hong Kong.
  • Shipping to Hong Kong will answer all your questions on what to take; what  not to take; what is the approximate shipping time?
  • Shipping Appliances   explains which electrical appliances will work in Hong Kong, whether you need electrical transformers and will tell you if your TV will work in Hong Kong.
  • Shipping Pets will guide you through how to obtain a Special Permit, your pet’s quarantine requirements and tips for a smooth flight.
  • Hong Kong Schools is a must-read for all parents. If your children are early Primary age, securing a school place may not be easy!
  • Serviced Apartments listing for interim (or not so interim) accommodation.
  • Hiring a Domestic Helper explains the pros, cons, costs, visa process, mandatory and recommended insurances and a lot more!
  • Useful Hong Kong Websites links to lots of local resources and sources of useful information.
  • Hong Kong Map page to help you navigate Hong Kong and it’s public transport system.
  • Hong Kong Living Costs will explain why Hong Kong is one of Asia’s most expensive destinations and explain some of the ‘hidden’ costs.

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