Living in Hong Kong

The first-time visitor to Hong Kong is always struck with the dramatic skylines, neon signs, skyscrapers, great shopping and the visual reminders of it’s colonial past. Only in Hong Kong can you find the Star Ferry, trams and the Peak Tram amongst stunning contemporary architecture such as the ICC, Exhibition Centre and IFC2. These visual stereotypes are certainly representative of the City, but there is a lot more to living in Hong Kong.

living-in-hong-kongLiving in Hong Kong, there are a lot of contrasting lifestyles and standards of living. From life in the centre of the City (e.d. Mid Levels), to life in outlying islands like Lamma and Lantau there are different paces of life and access to amenities. some this will mean being near Country Parks for hiking and recreation, for others it will mean being near the Bars and the Best Restaurants Hong Kong.

As a resident living in Hong Kong, the lifestyle may therefore be very much more diverse that you expect – see our Pros and Cons page. Hong Kong will be different for the spouse and family too. The kids will be in a fee-paying school, probably learning Mandarin in class and some Cantonese from their friends. You will have a lot of new social activities available and places to go. You may have a live-in domestic helper for the first time.

  • Leasing an Apartment deals with locating an apartment and engaging a Hong Kong real estate agent.
  • Hong Kong expat life for spouses is usually uplifting, but is sometimes a minefield – find out why.
  • Hong Kong for Kids will give inspiration to the parents wondering how to settle children into living in Hong Kong.
  • Hong Kong Past & Present provides a brief history of Hong Kong, from China to British colony and finally to a ‘Special Administrative Region’.
  • Hong Kong Public Transport is the key to a City that isn’t addicted to private motor vehicles. Find out how to navigate the integrated public transport infrastructure.
  • Hong Kong Taxi Guide takes you through the Taxi colour coding, provides some useful tips and Cantonese phrases.
  • Hong Kong Ferry information will help you navigate the major islands that comprise Hong Kong.
  • Hong Kong Relocation gives some essential advice for preparing for the move.
  • Hong Kong Pros and Cons and things that are just different!
  • Today’s News & Weather with features from today’s newspaper The Standard and the current weather forecast.
  • Multi-Cultural Hong Kong will give you some cultural background to Hong Kong.

I enjoyed a video I watched recently, because as a resident I related to so much of it. How much of it do you recognize?

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