Hong Kong Tours

See the full list of Hong Kong tours, with some popular examples below. Although it is possible to arrange ‘Do It Yourself’ visits at some of these attractions independently, you need to factor in:

  • The convenience of designated pick up/drop off
  • Not having to navigate a foreign city where English is not the first language
  • Additional time to DIY, which is limiting if you are only visiting Hong Kong
  • The effort required to ‘DIY’, particularly if traveling with children
  • Being unfamiliar with the transport and destinations
  • The inaccessibility of some locations that makes in impractical to DIY, e.g. The Land Between Tour

Should you decide to join a a tour group, we suggest some of those below. We’ve taken a few ourselves! See the full list of Hong Kong tours, which includes airport transfer packages and airport lounge passes.


Hong Kong Tours include Po Lin Monastery


‘The Land Between’ Hong Kong Tour

More Hong Kong Tours

For more Hong Kong Tour ideas, visit our leisure and kids pages. Some tours with a difference include:

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