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HK world’s best city for commuters

Posted by | April 3, 2014 | living-in-hong-kong

Hong Kong public transport #1 globally

City Rankings

The Consultancy firm Arthur D. Little ranked Hong Kong #1 in Asia and #1 globally in their Urban Mobility Index report (2014), covering 84 cities. In declaring HK world’s best city for commuters the report includes aHong Kong case study (pages 66-67), which comments:

  • The Hong Kong public transport network is ‘one of the most efficient in the world’, with 92% of journeys being conducted through an integrated network and on foot.
  • The ‘city performs top with regards to financial attractiveness….smart card penetration, number of vehicles per capita, traffic safety….road density, and public transport frequency’.
  • There is positive comment around the rail and property method of financing, stating that ‘the policy of combining public transport development and urban development/renewal has led to an almost optimal situation in terms of finance, ecology and ridership.

In conclusion, the report states that ‘Hong Kong is a striking example of a city entering into a virtuous system (increasing density, building and improving the network).’

Marion Udall

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